Our Blue Mountain Mini Vacation

Since having our son we haven’t really gone on vacation much due to his sensitivity to noise. Now that he is 3 and a half and more tolerable of the sounds around him, we were able to go on a mini vacation.

We decided to go to Collingwood, Ontario at the Blue Mountain Resort. It was perfect because we had family visiting from England and wanted to show them a good time.

We stayed at the beautiful Westin Trillium House hotel in a gorgeous large 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen and a living/dining room. Since we had a group of adults and 2 children in tow it was perfect. We found an awesome deal on hotels.com and booked through them.

We saved money by buying groceries in town to cook our own breakfasts before heading out for the day. Below is the view from the back of the hotel where all the excitement was.

There were boardwalks connecting the hotel to the Water Park, the sand park and all the other parts of the resort including food and shopping.

We arrived on a Thursday and it was nice and quiet, school wasn’t out  for summer break yet and the mad weekend rush would happen the next day. We enjoyed the activities on the resort as well as the Scenic Cave tour about 10 mins drive away. It was there we found this freaky Shrek statue. No one dared to sit on it. Shrek looks a bit sketchy don’t you think?

After a steep and slow down hike to the Suspension Bridge we final arrived.

Don’t be fooled, it was a LONG walk but the view was beautiful…. and so was the drop down. My husband wasn’t having it!

After making it to the end of the bridge I was expecting some more sight seeing… or .. something. But this is all we got:

We were all floored! Maybe there is another area under construction because opposite this was a fenced area that was off limits.

Back we went, across the bridge and back up that steep down climb that we did, but now going up was so hard. There were 5 adults and 2 kids under 4 and we were resting every so many stairs. It got to a point where I just started laughing because it was nuts how exhausting it was. We finally finished the climb and decided to rest with some Popsicles from the store on the premises.

Next was another exhausting hike to the scenic caves which was ridiculous with a child but we got to the top only to find out we had to go down some steep stairs to get to the caves. I would have taken pictures but I was way too tired from the trek before not to mention this one. Hubby decided to skip it and took the scenic less dangerous route back down. I’m only saying it’s dangerous because with a child climbing or descending on a half rock formed, half man made stair path.. it gets a little worrysome. So anyway THIS was the highlight of my trip there.

I just wanted to lay on the ground and look up at nature the rest of the afternoon, but knowing my luck some crazy ass insect would have most likely jumped on my face.. so yes we kept walking. We didn’t expect to do the hiking that we did to get to the Suspension Bridge and then to the Caves but the views were beautiful! Nature is definitely very relaxing. If you are a family with older kids (and more fit) you’ll have no problem.

All in all, we had a really good time and so did our son, I never knew he would be such a dare devil. On the last day we rode on Blue Mountain’s new Mountain Coaster and we went TWICE… “faster, faster!” is what I would hear when we were on the ride, I was able to control the speed at which we were going (really cool ride btw) and I was nervous because I couldn’t see my son’s reactions, but apparently he was LOVING it. So much so, that when it was done, he was crying for more.. even after the second time we went! I mean I loved it too, but 2 times was enough for me.

Wasaga Beach wasn’t that far away either but we didn’t have time to stop by and hang out there. Maybe next time we’ll stay for longer so we can do more.