I was sick on my birthday, but the Doctor made it better.

It’s been 7 years since I got married and moved to this small town and it’s been about that long since I last spent my birthday back home in town with my family and friends. This year I thought it would be the same story but my dad had heart surgery earlier this month and I wanted to go and help out my mom and my dad by driving them around for errands and such. It would also happen that the week I’d be spending with my parents would include the same weekend that my birthday fell on.

So with son in tow I drove the 4 hours on a Wednesday to get to their place and on the way my son starts coughing. Not the cough that you would just brush off, it was the cough that every mom knows is going to lead to a full out cold or worse, the flu. The next day wouldn’t you know it, he has a full fever and body aches and of course chills. The worst thing I didn’t want to happen because I did not want to risk my dad getting sick being that he had just got home from open heart surgery the week before. The Friday his fever still would not go down and my throat started to get sore, that’s what you get when you co-sleep with a 3.5 year old who is coughing in your face all night. We both went to the walk-in clinic, 2 hours of waiting got a ‘your fine’ for me and a prescription for antibiotics for my son.

Saturday November 24th, my birthday!!!!! Oh hell did I feel like crap. Chills all day, the kind where it’s just ALL goose bumps everywhere and it hurts like hell. I held the curse words back but was still up and about making spring rolls for that night as my brother and his family were coming over for dinner. My lovely friend made a cake for my birthday and sent it the night before. I told her to come over that day as well. I tried to brush off the flu symptoms like it was nothing, but by the evening I was shaking from the chills. My birthday pictures must look like hell lol, haven’t had the guts to look at them.

I had a great night but still felt like crud, I didn’t eat dinner but had a piece of that awesome black forest cake that my super friend made. My nieces sang happy birthday to me. By that time my son was in bed already which I should have been too. The night finally came to an end and I climbed into bed still shivering but thanks to the meds my friend so graciously went out and got for me helped me have a good nights sleep. Love her to bits!

That Sunday I was to drive home but there was no way. I waited until Monday morning to drive home which I did in record time, thank god no cops were on the road because they would have been frightened by my zombie like looks, oh and the fact that I did NOT want a ticket. I swear I looked like some undead mom when I got home and looked in the mirror. Got my son and I unpacked and we just crashed on the couch. My hubby came home to find my son sleeping on me watching the X-Factor and surprises me with these.

doctor who mug

Even though I felt like crap, my husband found a way to put a smile on my face. We are both Doctor Who fans and I loved the mug but was baffled by the square shape because how would you drink from a square mug with out spilling anything? It makes a great jar though. To keep with the blue theme he got me a lovely crystal charm to add to my charm bracelet :)

pandora charm

Speaking of charm bracelets, I think these bracelets are the best when you have all kinds of different charms instead of all matchie match like you see in the ads. It’s just more special this way right?!