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Fairy Tales On Screen

I've been a sucker for anything fairy tale since I could remember. I was Snow White for Halloween my first year at school! But funny enough I really wasn't into the whole princess outfits and dolls and toys. I was really just into the stories, television shows and the movies whenever they would … [Read more...]

Personalized 3D Flower Cards

I live 4 hours away from my family and friends. It's a really long, tiring and boring drive to go see them so it's not often that we make the trip. Usually a long weekend here and there and Christmas break we'll make the trek. So when special occasions like Birthdays and Eid come along we can't … [Read more...]

Welcome to Twittering Thursdays Twitter Hop!

I'm happy to be co-hosting this weeks Twitter Hop! Scroll on down and follow the instructions to join in :) … [Read more...]

Home Command Center Series: Part 4

Since posting this series I've redone my home command center using new and existing elements. See it here:  Home Command Center Revisited Last week I completed the Pocket Board which was part 3 of this series. Today I unveil the final part of the series which are the magnetic boards that will line … [Read more...]

Teacher Valentine Gift

Now that my son is in school I have the pleasure of creating something nice for his teachers as gifts instead of just buying something that they may have already. I was inspired by Ode to Inspiration's valentine post about cookie gifts to her daughters teachers to do sort of the same thing. I made … [Read more...]

Yankee Buttermilk Rolls

This recipe comes from a book my mom had from when I was little. You can see my Instagram picture of it here.  She recently gave it to me so I could makes some of the breads, especially my favorite one which the book calls 'Yankee Buttermilk Rolls'. I've see this bread also appropriately called 'fan … [Read more...]