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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

My niece's birthday party was earlier this month and with a sick son and a busy freelance schedule I had totally forgotten the wrapping paper for her present! Lucky for me I have crafting supplies :) I tend to keep things in case they come in handy at some point. A way thinking I got from my dad … [Read more...]

Sugar Cookies for a Princess

My niece loves princess stuff. The pinks, the purples, the whole nine yards! It was only fitting that for her 5th birthday that her mom threw her a princess themed birthday party. The printables were from my shop on Etsy. See the whole collection here: I'm not a … [Read more...]

Birthday Card For My Dad

I love to make cards for special occasions and I recently made one for my dad. Now I can totally make a girly card and girl crafts but I'm not so good with the manly stuff. I chose a green themed paper and decided to make the card cover black. That was my alternative to an envelope. The … [Read more...]

Country Craft Paper Bow

In my paper mache floral eggs post I mentioned that I had found some old crafting supplies that I had stored away. Well I found these paper twists that I believe were quite popular back in the day for things like floral arrangements and country crafting. Making this craft brought back some memories … [Read more...]

Panko Breaded Basa, Cheesey Broccoli and Quinoa

Some days I feel like just having something light but still filling for dinner and I think this hit the spot. I made Panko Breaded Basa, Quinoa and Broccoli with Cheese Sauce. Basa fish is quite yummy. My husband was buying blue cod but I didn't like the texture and it would always fall apart. I … [Read more...]

DIY Ball or Bean Bag Toss Game

This project came about when figuring out how to keep 4 year olds occupied at my son's birthday party. He had an Afro Circus themed party which I documented at my party biz blog : A Little Pixel Printables and Paperie. So with the circus theme on my mind I thought of a bean bag toss game. Renting … [Read more...]