Just how much do you think your children know?

The other day I was talking to my 4yr old son about someone having their feelings hurt. He asked me what that meant.

I proceeded to explain to him how when two people are talking, someone may say something that isn’t nice about the other person and they will feel sad. That person hurt their feelings and made them sad.

He then started to tell me his example, about how a guy might make the girl sad, hurt her feelings and the wedding would break…

uh what?

Keep in mind the post I made last week about never thinking my son would be verbal again, he is still learning new words and how to express himself. So sometimes the function or logic of his language is somewhat off and you have to decipher what he is saying..

As you can probably guess from his story is that he was talking about divorce? WOAH way over my head here. Where did he hear this? or why would he even be thinking about something like that?

It totally took me off guard and actually made me sad. Every time he says something that I know we don’t talk about at home I’ll ask him where he heard or learned that from. Who might have said it etc…  Sometimes he’ll tell me that it’s only from him, that he’s the one that came up with it. But I know it must have come from somewhere.


It makes me wonder what the kids talk about at school, if any of the kids have parents  that are going through a divorce? Instead of explaining to him what a divorce is I just told him that it wouldn’t happen. If the guy says he’s sorry and gives the girl a hug then she could forgive him.

Why didn’t I explain what divorce is? Well, as young as they are, they don’t need to know these things and I shouldn’t have to explain something like this to him. They need to have a childhood to live out and not have to think about things like divorce. I want his innocence and naivety intact. Some kids grow up too fast and it irks me… having an adult conversation with a 4yr old just creeps me out.

Then came my lesson of saying you’re sorry if you hurt someone or hurt their feelings, which he knows already but it didn’t hurt for him to hear it again.

I’m glad I can have these sort of chats with him to see what he knows and what he is thinking. Just goes to show that our children are sponges and retain a lot of information no matter what environment they are in, even the stuff you don’t want them to hear.