My Summer Mantel

I think it was about time that I changed out my Spring mantel for a Summer one. I put this one together with things that I already had in the house because I really didn’t want to go out and spend too much money. I also wanted to challenge myself to see if I could come up with something decent and be frugal about it. So here we go!


You’ll notice that I reused that white vase on the left from my Spring mantel. I tied some twine around the top bit and put in some long dark filler that I found at the dollar store.


I saved several glass jars from jams, cleaned off the labels and then just used acrylic paints to coat the insides of them. I went with yellow and created the teal colour you see on the other jar.


I designed and printed out a simple mini pennant banner which matched the colours I used on the jars. I strung it up using bakers crafting twine in yellow and white attaching it to this wooden palette that is actually the top level to a cheap shoe rack that we don’t use.  I also made large coordinating straw flags which I wrapped around the end of chopsticks and placed in the glass jars.


Random shells placed on the mantel. I got these from my mom when I visited recently. She didn’t need them so gave them to me which was so perfect for this.


Lastly I had the HUGE pickle jar. Had my son fill it up with sand from his sandbox and he randomly put some shells in it. He did a great job! I put the lid on and wrapped around some twine for a finished touch.

And that’s it! But I really wanted to find some yellow flowers to put in the vase to really tie it in. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect one!

  • Maysem

    Love it! I’m always a big fan of yellow and teal… and love your addition of the shells. It screams summer!