Count Down to our England Trip Part 2

Four more sleeps until we board Air Transat for our England trip! I think we are pretty much all set. I just need to check that our insurance covers our travels. Knowing my bad luck I will need it! The past two times that my hubs and I went on vacation before baby were our honeymoon and our Spain trip.

On our honeymoon I got really ill on the cruise. I had a stiff neck and flu like symptoms, I needed antibiotics and felt like hell. On our Spain trip I broke my ankle on the second day of our 2 week Spain tour, I walked on it the entire time :(

Praying nothing happens this time but at least we will be with family so that is reassuring!

Three of us are going so we are allowed one free checked bag each with a weight allowance of 51lbs. This past weekend I pretty much put everything in their place and wouldn’t you know it that my suitcase was the heaviest at 40lbs? No surprise there! My husband’s came to 35lbs and my son’s of course was like 22lbs. I’ll do some rearranging soon and add any last minute items like shoes and toiletries. It shouldn’t be a problem seeing how we are underweight with each suitcase.


We are also allowed one carry-on each and for that I’ll just be using an oversized shoulder bag. I love this bag! I picked it up at winners the other day and blinged it out with a purse clip that I made.



My son will just use his Lightening McQueen backpack and my husband will take on a regular carry on bag as well. I think all we need to bring are change of clothes and some snacks as well some toys for my son.

I’m happy to know that we have room to bring stuff back. I’d like to try some shopping but it really isn’t my priority. The aim is get some awesome sightseeing in! So if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below.

We’ll be in the areas of St. Albans, Leicester, and London during the majority of our trip.

Oh and we’ll try and sneak in a day or two in Paris.

Woot!! Who’s excited? This gal is!