Are We Breeding Bulliles?

A little something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while but didn’t know how to approach it or even begin to write about it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)


We are a thriving society, one bent on the advancement of technology and medical advances.

But we are also a society of stress, money, and selfishness. We live in a world that has been desensitized to the most basic of moral values and beliefs (another topic I may blog about).

I am a believer in kindness. I also believe in being considerate and playing to other peoples needs, something that is truly lacking in this society.

Children are raising themselves watching whatever they want on television. Talking how they want to others without any consequences. Parenting isn’t what it used to be in this society of broken homes, busy parents, and daycares. But you know what?


There I said it. This society breeds bullies, and bullies are becoming a HUGE problem.

Bullying too is now advancing. It’s gone from verbal bullying, to physical bullying, to social/cyber bullying and now the new thing is ‘Allergy Bullying’. These kids minds are so immature that they don’t seem to know what is right from wrong, what REAL consequences are. Why? Because no one has taught them this so their brains are trained to think this way.

They would go so far as to put peanut butter on another child who can have a fatal allergic reaction to nuts.  And while that child is on the floor reacting and dying, the other kids will point and laugh? How is this right?

Someone who bullies wants to hurt the other person (it’s not an accident). Someone who bullies does or says the same things over and over again. Bullying is about using power over another person. There are four main kinds of bullying.

Research suggests that a child’s personality is set by the time they turn 6, and their brains don’t mature until they turn 25…. So all those years that a child is not taught right from wrong, they are developing these tendencies that it’s okay to be hostile towards others and that it’s all fun and games.

I’m tired of hearing about brilliant kids taking their lives because they were bullied. That a potentially great human being that could contribute to this world is now gone, but yet that bully is left to live the rest of their life and typically grow up to be an negative impact on society.

I’ve read stories of some bullies now older regretting what they did when they were younger, this happens AFTER their brain matured. What if we could instill the right type of thinking BEFORE hand? Then they would have nothing to regret. Sounds simple right?

While it is the parent’s job to discipline their child, sometimes the parents themselves are the ones that need the discipline and are the reason why their child is a bully. Children are a reflection of what they learn at home, in their neighborhood and from their peers.

So what should be done?

I really think the schools should to step in. While the Government of Canada introduced the Education Act (read the summary here). It’s not enough. It’s like a holiday, it’s all fun and ra-ra when it’s here, but then out-of-site and out-of mind when it’s over. Don’t just end it with a special guest and one-time assembly on bullying or the one week of ” Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week”.

A year round program should be developed that involves the students, teachers, school staff AND parents.  Address the staff that something needs to be done year round and start at the kindergarden level and continue all through out their elementary years. Teach them about consequences of their actions both for the victim AND the bully. Honestly, this should take NO more than 10mins a week.

By the time the kids are in highschool, where the bulk of these tragic bullying stories come from, there should be some MAJOR consequences to their actions. The consequences they were told about in elementary school. This is when the real test happens. Bullies at this stage need to go through some type of “post-program” ALONG with their parent or guardian that will give them the shock of their life. Something that Trina Stewart over at Life’s a Blog mentions in her post about the Red Cross anti-bullying campaign.  Read about her own bullying program proposal here.

These are just ideas and I know it will take a lot of work to develop and implement a program, but it needs to start somewhere. This is why if it’s too much work for the schools, they need to find a organization they can join with to help with a year round program to stop bullying.

I found 2 Canadian organizations with a wealth of resources for schools and parents:
Tons of resources, activities, handouts and school materials for teachers/schools/parents.
They have a few programs and resource kits for teachers.


We need to work together!

I really hope that the schools and community together with the help of organizations like the ones I mentioned above can work together to stop bullying. If it’s not even on their minds, then concerned parents should speak up and bring it to their attention. I know I will.


This blog post was sparked from reading disturbing articles about ‘Allergy Bullying’: