England Trip 2013: The Waffle House in St.Albans

We had breakfast at a few different places during our vacation in England but one of the best has to be at The Waffle House in St.Albans. Loved everything about our experience there. It was actually a last minute decision that my cousin-in-law decided to take us there before we started our day.


We sat outside as it was a gorgeous day and it wasn’t too cold. Syrup and sugar were already on the table.


We sat down and waited for the menus which took no time at all despite them being really busy.




They had all kinds of waffle combinations, savory and sweet. We all ordered different items and they were all gorgeous to look at. Mine was the Pecan Nut & Butterscotch Sauce. A fresh waffle topped with a beautiful mound of fresh cream sprinkle with pecans and butterscotch sauce. DEVINE. It wasn’t too sweet which was nice.


My son had, no surprise here, the Chocolate waffle. The chocolate sauce is homemade. My son couldn’t finish it so naturally I had to, of course I didn’t mind. It was delicious!


My husband had the savory selection of Cheddar Cheese & Tomato. I didn’t have a taste of his but will trust him when he sad it was REALLY good.


And my cousin had the most unusual one, Hummus & Avocado. Though unusual it was beautiful to look at. A real work of art and she said it was surprising really good.


I had my first ever latte art experience. I was surprised because it’s been a goal of mine to enjoy something like this. I got a heart :)


I absolutely loved everything about this place. The service, atmosphere and food were all amazing. Next time we visit we’re definitely coming back to eat.

  • Maysem

    Oh this sounds like my kind of place!! I definitely would go the sweet route. Your waffle looks amazing!!! I haven’t had an latte art experience yet… I would love to experience that too! LOL

    • whatiadore

      It was so awesome! i don’t even think they have a place like that here where I live. It was a really nice place and is built around an old mill, so sitting there and eating among a bit of history was really nice.