A Mattel Game On! Luncheon

My answer was YES! when I was approached with the idea of hosting a Mattel GameOn game night. Here is what they generously sent me.


Balderdash, Skip-Bo, Angry Birds, Apples to Apples and the only game I was mildly familiar with: Uno! They also send some goodies for the party.

I invited some fellow members of the Mompreneurs chapter here in Windsor, Ontario and thought it would be nice for some of us to get together during the day and play some games. There were 5 of us in total and 3 little ones that tagged along.

I set up the night before to set the mood.



I ended up moving that table and the games to the middle of the room to use for the game play and the food went on the island table in our kitchen. We mom’s really don’t eat that much, I mean what mom has time to eat? But we did have some good stuff to nibble on. Here is some yummy Tri Coloured Salsa made fresh by one of our moms.


I also made a veg tray with dip.


Some mini pizzas using Greek pita.


And some pound cake to satisfy our sweet tooth. Most of us enjoyed a nice cup of tea (or two).


First game up was Balderdash. Only one of us was familiar with this game but we still needed to read the rules. Thanks to Sarah for explaining the rules to us. I think we were kind of lost in the beginning but once we got playing we got the hang of it.


This game was hilarious. It really pushes you to be creative and come up with some wacky stuff. Our favorite category that we played was ‘Weird Words’. Chrissy was really good with her creative writing skills, so it seemed only natural that she won the game!

Time really flew and before you knew it two of our mom’s had to get going. We were down to 3 and played some UNO next.


I used to play this all the time with my younger brother when I was in highschool. Well that was a very long time ago and I was beyond rusty! Chrissy and Heather were beating me each time but I did make it to being left with only1 card at one point, so that wasn’t that bad.

I took the Gameology personality test before I was sent the game package and my sign is Strategicorn.


Strategicorns enjoy thinking things through and putting themselves in the best possible position to win. They believe that through careful planning and managing the odds they can win any game. Patient players, Strategicorns always wait for the right time to make their move, but when it’s time, they strike.


The moms that came didn’t take the test.. I’d say they were all Strategicorns too. You guys play well! You might be a Strategicorn like me or a Socialite, a Wittlan,  or even an Activius.


Find out what your Gameology Sign and personality is by taking the test here.

After the party ended it was already time to go pick up my son from school. He came home and was excited to play the Angry Birds game.


He’s only 4 1/2 and was getting the hang of how to play it. He like most kids are probably so used to the video game version that this was a change of pace . He was occupied with this game for quite a bit. I was happy it had his attention for so long :)

Games we didn’t get a chance to play were: Skip-Bo and Apples to Apples. I think I’ll have to save them for another lunch party :)

I had a lot of fun, so much so that I forgot to take a group picture of us mom’s together! I did manage to get a lovely photo of Fe and Heather.


Oh and that cake? here it is at the end of the party. I’d say we demolished it. My husband and son finished it off when they got home.


A game night is definitely something I want to incorporate into my own family. One night a week is more than enough to start and with the large range of board games that Mattel has I’m sure we can find games that we’ll be able to play with my son as he grows older.

Thanks to Chrissy, Fe, Sarah, and Heather for coming!

All games and accompanying party supplies/goodies were sent to me to host a fab Mattel Game On! game night party. All the opinions expressed are completely my own.


  • This is a great idea and a fun way to spend time together with friends or family.

    • whatiadore

      Oh yes for sure! I’m going to try and do a regular game night with my own family.. my husband isn’t much of a board game player but I think I can convert him lol.

  • Chrissy Kohut-Brajcic

    I had a great time!

    • whatiadore

      I did too! we should do it again for sure :)

  • Sarah Wilder

    Thanks for inviting us, it was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to do it again, and I would like to play Apples to Apples for sure!! My husband and I LOVE games and have date “game” nights with other couples and when our little one is old enough, we will be playing games with him too!

    • whatiadore

      thanks for coming! we totally have to do it again. I was hoping definitely before the holidays! awww dates night sounds fun with the other couples!