A Mattel #GameOnParty Giveaway

I recently had a Mattel Game On party at my place with a few local mommies. We had a blast!

I was sent a lovely box of games and party favours to use for my party and we would love for you to have the same opportunity!

Which Mattel games will you win? I’m not sure, but Mattel is going to surprise the lucky winner with a nice selection of 5 games worth approximately $100. Head on over to the Mattel Game On website to see what you could win.


Gameology! What’s Your Sign?

While you are at the Mattel Game On website, why don’t you take the Gameology test to find out what your gaming sign and personality is. It might surprise you :)

wittianIconSidebar strategicornIconSidebar socialiesIconSidebar activiusIconSidebar

Giveaway details, please read:

Mattel Game On is going to give one lucky winner a prize pack that includes 5 Mattel games and party favours. Estimated prize value of $100.

– fill out the rafflecopter form below to gain entries
– open to Canadian Residents only (excluding Quebec)
– closes Oct 18th. at midnight.
– 1 winner will be chosen and notified.
– winner will be redrawn if they do not respond within 48hours.
– Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • flowerchild23

    My sign is socialies
    I love skip-bo

  • Amy Heffernan

    My sign is socialies and i LOVE monopoly!

  • Josie

    I love Monopoly

    • whatiadore

      Hi Josie! you forgot to tell me what your Gameology sign is :)

      • Josie

        oops! Socialies!

        • whatiadore

          awesome thanks!

  • Sunshine g

    I’m a socialies and a long time Monopoly fan.

  • Judy Cowan

    I am a Stragicon and I like Phase 10 (Judy C)

  • Heather Hunt

    I’m apparent;y a socialies. And I had a blast at the party – loved Balderdash!

  • Melinda Jana

    Stragicon! I love, love Skipbo and UNO

  • Elaine D

    and i always liked skipbo :)

  • Darwin

    I”m a strategicorn and I like Monopoly.

  • Jenny Major

    i love the game of life

  • Angie Hotte

    Strategicorn i love games

  • Kay Magee

    Mattel has been providing my family with hours of fun, for more than 40 years!!

    • whatiadore

      that’s great! You forgot to tell me what your favorite game and what your Gameology sign is :)

  • Lynn O’Brien

    This is a great giveaway, thanks

    • Lynn O’Brien


      • whatiadore

        Hi Lynn! you forgot to tell me what your gameology sign is :)

  • Shelley

    Strategicorn and Mononpoly

  • beth

    Im socialise and we like uno

  • Amanda

    Strategicorn and Monopoly.

  • socialise & monoply

  • Kerri

    We love family game night.

    • whatiadore

      that’s great! it’s so much fun. BTW you forgot to tell me what your favorite Mattel game is and what your Gameology sign is :)

      • Kerri

        Sorry my Gameology sign is Strategicorn, and our favorite Mattel game is UNO.

        • whatiadore


  • Sarah Wilder

    I am a Socialise and I love all games, especially Balderdash!!! What I Adore is a fantastic blog :)

    • whatiadore

      thank you!!

  • Lorena H

    I’m a strategicorn and I love Monopoly.

  • Dani

    Socialies and Othello

  • Michelle Kristin Galante

    socialise and i love playing Uno with my son

  • Theresajean

    socialise & monoply

  • Tanis Sergeew

    I am a strategicorn and we love Uno!

  • Andrea

    Strategicorn and The Game of Life

  • Jen W

    Socialise. UNO is a great classic. Apples to Apples is so much fun!

  • Jennifer P.

    Socialies and Apples to Apples.

  • Beth Rosell

    I’m a Strategicorn and I love Apples to Apples

  • Alison Lynch Richard

    Strategicorn and uno.

  • Sheila S.

    Strategicorn and Uno is a family fave.

  • lori b

    socialies and monopoly

  • Alexandra

    Strategicorn and uno!

  • jonnieh

    I’m a strategicorn and I love Uno.

  • Jenn B

    Mad Gab all the way!!!.

    • whatiadore

      awesome! you forgot to tell me what your gameology sign is :)

  • lucy


    • whatiadore

      I love that game too even though I never win! lol. BTW you forgot to tell me what your gameology sign is :)

  • C Tavares

    I’m an Activius and love Mad Gab.

  • annet

    Strategicorn and Balderdash!

    Raflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  • Laird N Crystal Englot

    I am a Socialites and I love UNO!

    • Laird N Crystal Englot

      Rafflecopter name is Crystal Englot

  • Donnas

    My sign is Activius and I love the game of Clue

  • lisa bolduc

    I am a Socialites and I love skipbo

  • angela mitchell

    I’m a strategicorn. Balderdash is my fave.

  • Courtney

    I’m a Socialise and I love Clue

  • Wendy Hutton

    I’m a socialise and love monopoly

  • Julie Bolduc

    Im a Socialise and love any game that makes my family laugh

  • Tammy Girouard

    We could have some great family fun with these

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I am socialies and my favorite game is scrabble

  • vjhill

    I’m a strategicorn. Balderdash!

  • valerie darsigny

    I am Socialies and my favorite game is UNOSSSoci

  • Carolle Hall

    I am a Socialies and my favorite game would be Uno

  • Charlene Lucas

    Socialies and Mad Gab

  • Brandee H

    Im a Strategicom. And I like to play Scrabble.

  • Lindsay Cyr

    My Gameology Game Sign is Strategicon and UNO is my fave game!

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Socialies and Uno

  • travelluna

    Stategicon and Uno

  • Giselle DaMota

    Socialies…and pretty much any game will do!!!…UNO is good :)

  • Steph BKN

    I’m a

    Strategicorn and love Mad Gab!

  • Nicole Smith Mihaljevich

    I’m a socialies and I love skipbo

  • irish_iis

    I am a Strategicorn and I love Othello

  • Kate

    I’m a Strategicorn, and I love Scrabble.

  • teeslee

    I’m a strategicorn and The Game of Life.

  • HaylieL

    I’m a strategicorn and The Game of Life!

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    I’m a socialies and my fave game is monopoly

  • Josh

    I am a Socialites and I enjoy UNO

  • Sarah J Jackson

    strategicorn and my fav is scrabble

  • Tammy Hedden

    i love game nights amazing fun !!!!

  • ToCo

    Strategicorn…Balderdash :)

  • Julie

    Strategicorn and Scrabble is my favourite board game

  • fossie55

    Activius and I love monopoly

  • Michelle B

    I’m a Socialites and I love Monopoly.

  • Contest Patti

    I am a Strategicorn and our family loves to play Mad Gab

  • Bree

    I am Strategicorn and I love Skipbo!

  • Tricia Cooper

    I’m an Activius. My favourite Mattel game is Kerplunk!

  • pmilner

    My Gameology Game sign is Strategicorn. My favorite game has always been Uno. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the exceptional blogging!

  • Strategicorn!

  • Sabrina Tong

    Strategicorn and Balderdash!

  • Anna Johnson

    Strategicorn and Balderdash!

  • Brenda Jordan

    wittian, and my favourite game is othello

  • Janice Lynds

    Activius and monopoly

  • Leslie Coish

    I am a socialies and i love mad gab

  • @a_m_rs

    Strategicorn and balderdash (rafflecopter marie cat)

  • Jay M

    I love Uno. My Gameology is Socialies

  • Amanda

    Apples to Apples and Strategicorn

  • karla

    I`m a Strategicon. We love to play Skip-Bo!

  • Olivia L

    I’m a Socialies, and I’m a Scrabble fan.

  • Heidi C.

    I am a Socialies. I enjoy Mad gab!

  • Shannon Mac

    I’m a socialies, Apples to apples!

  • Bronzie Grube

    I love apples to apples!!