How to be silly with the kids

Being silly with the kids MUST be therapy. My son and I are total goofballs when we are together, we have our normal and serious moments but for the most part I think we are nut balls and my husband can agree with that.


We’ll laugh so hard that we end up with hiccups. I think it’s amazing to have such a connection like that. What exactly do we do? These are just a few off the top of my head:

whatiadore-sillyTake funny pictures
Using the iPad we take pictures of ourselves with funny faces, one time he put stickers on our faces and we had a photo session. Sometimes we’ll even use the Photobooth effects to take some crazy shots. I think he’s a pro now!

Make noises
Oh gosh, we make all sorts of funny noises. Of course being a boy he is naturally attracted to fart noises., we have a lot of fun with that one. Best of all we blame daddy :P

Make up words/names
Not quite gibberish but new words from existing words, like a fusion of two words to describe something or funny names for each other like ‘putter nut’ lol

Tell jokes that don’t make sense
He doesn’t quite understand the concept of ‘knock knock’ jokes but his attempts are hilarious.

my son: knock knock
me: who’s there
my son: an orange
me: an orange who?
my son: an orange AND BANANA!! (he starts laughing hysterically)

I think we all know what joke he was ‘trying’ to tell lol.

Sing familiar tunes with all the wrong words
This is a good one to get their minds going and help with rhyming. Sometimes we’ll use our made up words in the songs.

Horse around
My husband works until late so I take on quite the role with my son when it come to parenting, disciplining and indulging in the healthy dose of rough play. I hold him upside down, wrestle him and squeeze him lots (he loves the pressure), gently throw him on the bed or couch into a pile of pillows all while laughing out ‘more more!’.

I love to hear him laugh. He first laughed at 3 months old and I will never forget it.  My mother actually was the one that got his first laugh out, she would cradle him calling him a little ‘busy bee’. Oh man, the laughs that would come out of him were unbelievable.

Since then I did what ever I could to keep him smiling and laughing. We even have our own inside jokes! This kid has my humor and it’s hilarious how we can be on the same page when something happens, we’ll just look at each other and start laughing.

He’s going to be 5 soon and really hope that our connection is something that will last forever as he grows. He is my best friend but he knows ‘Mommy’ mode too when it’s time for discipline :)

What silly things do you do with your kids?