DIY Blog Planner for 2014

When I made my Blog Planner for 2013 I was new to this whole industry of blogging. I really didn’t know what to expect and what types of opportunities I would encounter.

As the year went on I realized I needed a little bit of a different set up for my next planner and when I came across My Joy Filled Life’s Printable Planner I knew it was the one for me.

With my businesses and this blog I began to realize that I needed a planner which I could use for ALL my work and my blog in one go. Otherwise I would have too many loose pieces of paper with notes here and there and would never get anything done.

Here’s the book completed and it really is a ‘book’. 9″x11″ is the dimensions of the cover. 1″ wire-0 binding which I did with my Zutter. An amazing machine, punches and binds. The covers were made from an old box covered in scrapbooking paper which my son chose. I think he has good taste :)


The book opens to reveal the Year at a Glance page.


The main view of how my planner will look. Months on the left and Weekly on the right.


Tabbed dividers to separate the rest of the planner from other parts of the printable like checklists, notes and other pages. I had to adjust the weekly pages to include the days I would do work for my businesses. So I redid the page and made each day of the week larger.



While this printable has a ton of pages. I still liked the flip out that I had going in my first planner. I could tuck away the weeks as they went by and still view the current month while the book was open.


My last planner I had glued the top of the months to make a sort of tear pad that I could tear the months off as they went. But this time behind each monthly page is a coordinating page for Posts that month as well as a list page for posts I want to write that month. I needed to be able to flip those pages and decided that a mini book would work. My MacGyver brain had to switch on for this one. But it worked out!


Older pages flip over so I can reveal the new monthly pages. And go back and forth if needed.



Thanks to Sarah for this amazing printable.



Side view of the opening part of the planner. My binding is a bit wonky but still works :)


The binding on the whole thing. Came out nicely!



Supplies I used:

– 2014 Printable Blog Planner: {My Joy Filled Life}
– Blank note pages: {Printable Paper}
– 2 card board pieces from cereal boxes for the front and back covers cut down to 9″ x 11″
– decorative scrapbooking paper. 12″x12″
– double sided tape gun
– one file folder
– several pieces of cardstock for tabbed divider pages, tab die cut from a punch that I have
– Zutter to punch holes and bind everything

If you are looking for other styles of planners visit this link courtesy of Amanda over at Multi-Testing Mommy where she lists several other 2014 printable blog planners.

So that is my monster of a Blog Planner for 2014. I am very happy with how it turned out. Just hope I will used it to it’s full capabilities!

Do you use a planner for your blog or work?

  • I’m SO glad that you I shared a planner that works for you :)

  • Sarah @ My Joy-Filled Life

    I love seeing how people are using the planner!! Thanks for sharing!

    • whatiadore

      thank you for creating such a useful printable! and it’s so cute too, My son loves the little elephants!

  • Annabel Cohen

    I really love the idea! I’m at the stage that I have to get organized, my head is not big enough and I keep forgetting my ideas! Thanks!

    • whatiadore

      You’re welcome! Nothing beats an old fashioned planner :) My phone can only do so much to keep me organized and I did find that since having my son I’ve become more forgetful of things! lol