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#DIY Pokéballs from Styrofoam balls #pokemon #crafty #cosplay

My son is really into watching YouTube videos. He loves watching unwrapping and reveal videos for things like kinder eggs, as well as toy reviews. Lately he's really been into the DIY videos... I guess I'm an influence? lol Well during the Christmas break he came across a video of a guy … [Read more...]

Vinaigrette Based Coleslaw #salad #restaurantstyle #coleslaw

My husband and I love coleslaw when we go to restaurants. In particular we love the vinaigrette based version of this salad when we go out for fish and chips. Sometimes I crave it at home and decided to do something about it. I went on a recipe hunt to recreate it and found a few different … [Read more...]

#DIY Jewellery/Keepsake Boxes using Wooden Boxes and #modpodge

Before heading off for the holidays I made some jewellery/keepsake boxes for my nieces to take along with me. I knew they would get a kick out of them and was happy how excited they were when they were received. I filled them with some goodies of course, little fake jewellery, notepads, hair brush … [Read more...]

#DarkTO messed up our holiday, but we experienced unexpected fun!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all the best for 2014 :) So I've been away and will good reason. Like everyone else I'm sure we all had a nice break and holiday from the normal routine in our lives. Every year we look forward to visiting my family in Pickering for the holidays. Usually … [Read more...]