#DarkTO messed up our holiday, but we experienced unexpected fun!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all the best for 2014 :)

So I’ve been away and will good reason. Like everyone else I’m sure we all had a nice break and holiday from the normal routine in our lives.

Every year we look forward to visiting my family in Pickering for the holidays. Usually we stay for the full two weeks of Christmas holidays but this year we only spent 1 week.

Part of our tradition is going to visit two streets in my parents hood to see the lights. One house is known for their holiday display and people come from all over to visit. Here’s a picture from last year.


On another street, a few houses actually hooked up to create a light show synced to music. That was amazing! I don’t have pictures of that but you would have to see it in person.

I love to bring my son to these to see his reaction. We first started when he was young and he never used to show emotion to anything other than laughing and smiling to things that made him really happy. We didn’t get much of a reaction to the lights in the beginning, but over the years his reactions would change and it was amazing to see how excited he would get when we approached the houses.

Well, we missed out on these displays because of the lovely black out that happened the day after we arrived thanks to the ice storm. It was freezing! Waking up with a frozen face is not fun. I noticed the power went out at around 3am (my phone still had some power). I kept checking on my son to make sure he was okay.

We woke up and my dad was already up taking care of things. He had the fireplace going.


My son was a little hesitant at first but got used to it. He’s great where he very well behaved. He will ask before touching anything that isn’t his. He knew the fireplace was hot and decided to play in the other room until he was ready to play in the same room as the fire. Even still he was on the other end of the room.

Here he is playing in the other room while I made breakfast. We wore our hats, it was way to cold. I went a step further and put my scarf on.


And the next challenge was actually cooking breakfast! My dad took out his old camping gear and away we went.

My son should be the spokesperson for Highliner Fishsticks. It’s his favorite meal, that with Cavendish Hashbrowns. I made a serving for him and he was happy with that. He doesn’t eat cereal, not even dry so I was thankful for the equipment we had.

When you have a child on the spectrum with sensory processing issue you lean to adapt. He has a limited menu of what he actually eats but at least he’s not starving and he is getting all his vitamins.

I ended up making a cheese and omelet sandwich for myself. It looked so good that my mom put in an order too.



……and the result!


It was so good! all it is, is a seasoned omelet with a slice of processed cheese on some toasted and buttered PC Thins. Nummy!

Here are some pics of my parent’s backyard. You can see the branch that fell off and how the ice is weighing down the tree.


Another plan was to go tobogganing in the backyard like we always do, but because of the ice it was dangerous. So we missed out on that opportunity :(

Here’s a close up of the bush at the front of the house and the awning over the front door.



By 2pm the power was still out so we made the move to spend the night at my brother and sister in-law’s place in Mississauga. I was worried about the roads because of the ice but it wasn’t that bad. Impromptu sleep over! The kids loved it!

I’m happy my son got to spend so much time with his cousins, it made the visit even more special.

The power at my parents place was only out for 24hrs so we when back the next day.. over the course of the week we experienced brownouts but nothing too bad. Felt sorry for those who had no power for Christmas and afterwards.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday :)

  • WhispersInspire

    Oh WOW. I love all your pictures. So glad that you are safe and that you were able to make the most out of #DarkTO. Happy New Year!

    • whatiadore

      thanks! Either way I think it would have been loads of fun. I miss my family even though I’m only 4 hours away so any chance to see them is great!

  • Crystal Allen

    It seems like your parents have the ideal setup for a power outage. I think we would be out of luck if the power went out for more than a few hours. Both of our gas fireplaces stopped working over Christmas break and we don’t have a camping stove. Definitely something to think about for the future.

    • whatiadore

      My dad is like Mr.Ready-For-Anything, my brothers would say the same thing lol. Yes definitely look into something for your home if this happens again or get those fireplaces fixed. We have a gas fireplace too and it wasn’t working for the longest time. It was just the pilot light that went out. It’s up and running as I’m typing this :)

  • I’ve always said that campers can survive anything! Good for you all for making the best out a difficult situation :)

    • whatiadore

      thanks! yes my dad is the best at this type of stuff. He’s a handyman and can MacGyver anything. I believe he had an even bigger gas cooking thing that the one I showed in the picture but it would have been too dangerous in the house. That’s another thing, safety is key! Heard about too many people who lost their lives trying to keep warm the wrong way :(

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I am sorry about that but you did great! and glad your parents had that gear to help you out

    • whatiadore

      thanks and all that gear came with some stories too! My dad has that stuff from more than 30 years ago.. When he first came to Canada he went on a trek with a group of others backpacking it across Canada. Pretty cool!

  • yeewittlethings

    Oh my goodness…I’m so glad you stayed safe and warm. And that’s awesome that you made the best of it! Hope the New Year goes much better! :)

    • whatiadore

      Cheers to the New year! Staying warm and cozy for sure. We’re back home with a working fireplace. Just hoping the power doesn’t go out here.. it’s freezing! Hope you are staying warm too :)