Summer Staycation Tips and Ideas – Round Up


School is almost out and with the idea of going on vacation being so expensive most families are opting for the idea of a “staycation”.  While a great idea, it will also save you money and your family time will have never been spent wiser.

I myself was looking into what we can do this summer, the cost of gas or plane ticket combined with hotels, food, entertainment would definitely cost us an arm and a leg and we don’t have that type of money to spend.

We had an amazing time in England last summer but we saved up big time for that. While it was THE best vacation we’ve have in a long time, it’s something we can’t afford to do every summer especially when we are single income family.

So with the idea of a Staycation in mind I set out to do some research and came across a few blogs with some excellent ideas and tips:

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Read what some families did for their Staycations:

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What We’ll be doing this summer:

Visiting the local water park

Going on picnics at the beach

Having family and friends over for BBQ’s and potlucks

Staying over at relative’s out of town and  having them stay with us… the kids love hanging out!


All in all I think it will be a great summer regardless. My son is still young and really appreciates all that we do so I’m sure he’ll be well entertained this summer.

Will you be planning a staycation or a REAL vacation? I’d love to know!

  • paulaschuck

    We have a few things planned but we are mostly staying around town because we bought a new house this year and the price of has also means it makes sense to stay home. Good ideas. Thanks! We also love waterparks. We may end up at one.

    • whatiadore

      Good luck and congrats on the new house. For sure you’ll want to find things to do that won’t cost a whole lot..

  • Randa

    We will be doing “staycations” this summer. My husband will probably be on call the whole season, so we can’t leave town. I think we will be spending a lot of time at the river and with a fire.

    • whatiadore

      oh your plan sounds nice though! sounds very relaxing.

  • Little Miss Kate

    I was starting to plan a trip away… before we found out I was expecting baby #3 in September! Now I am thinking a Toronto Staycation is August is exactly what we need!

    • whatiadore

      Congratulations! I wish I was in Toronto! there is so much to do there. I’m sure you’ll find a ton to do.. that’s going to require some planning for sure!

  • Annemarie

    There’s nothing wrong with having a summer staycation, some times it’s better than an actual vacation.

    • whatiadore

      Oh totally nothing wrong with staycations.. it’s just what to do that will actually interest the kids. Especially where I live.. not much to do unless we cross the border or go to Toronto.