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A Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Can you tell I like pink? That was a different story growing up. I never associated myself with girly colours but now I love it! But funny enough the colours in this project were chosen by my 5 year old son! I kept asking "Are you sure? when it's done, it's done!" ... Yup he was fine with it! So … [Read more...]

Make your own Herbed Cream Cheese Spread, So Easy!

Being pregnant I have to admit I do have some cravings. While some may be craving the sweets and everything known to man that may be unhealthy for you... surprisingly I have been craving veggies and the healthy stuff and funny enough hot sauce... weird because I normally cannot tolerate spicy food. … [Read more...]

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt Covered Watermelon Bites

With my pregnancy I've been eating pretty healthy.. quite oddly I've been craving veggies! A far cry from ice cream, chocolate and pickled things when I was pregnant with my son. I guess it's good right? I mean I really need to watch how much pounds I am packing on so with the healthy it will all … [Read more...]

DIY Glass Pebble Bug Magnet Craft

This was a super last minute craft that I did with my son for his teacher and favorite teacher assistant as last day of school gifts. We actually saw the same thing at a craft shop and my son was looking at them. 'Mom? you can make this!' and that was that.. he had decided that would be the gift for … [Read more...]

My son is/was over-sensitive to sounds and visuals #ASD #spectrum

I always feel like it's my duty to share with others what I had gone through with my son much to the disagreement of some people due to being ashamed or not wanting others to know. But I want to share my experiences and my solutions as well as his milestones and progression. Hopefully these posts … [Read more...]

Watermelon Ginger ale Mint Drink with Bernardin #summerdrinks

Summer is definitely here! In my part of Southern Ontario it is hot and humid, something that took a little getting used to after moving here from the Toronto Area. So how does one cool down? With a refreshing drink of course! The trend these days seems to be watermelon based drinks, smoothies … [Read more...]