Make your own Herbed Cream Cheese Spread, So Easy!

Make your own Herbed Cream Cheese SpreadBeing pregnant I have to admit I do have some cravings. While some may be craving the sweets and everything known to man that may be unhealthy for you… surprisingly I have been craving veggies and the healthy stuff and funny enough hot sauce… weird because I normally cannot tolerate spicy food. So my husband was a little weirded out when I started using up his Sriracha sauce and Peri Peri hot sauce lol.

My latest craving was herbed cream cheese spread. This is probably the easiest spread you’ll ever make! Especially if you have a fresh herb garden, you can make any combination you want. We have a lot of dill and chives growing in our herb garden and thought I would make use of them. They smell great after being cut.

Make your own Herbed Cream Cheese Spread

You can use as much or as little herbs for this recipe. I used about 1/2 a cup of chopped herbs to a full brick of cream cheese. Any type should be fine, I used President Choice’s greek yogurt cream cheese in brick form.

Add your chopped herbs to your cream cheese and mix away. I didn’t use the food processor because I didn’t want to blend up the herbs too much. I wasn’t sure if my spread would turn green so I just mixed it all up by hand.

I would have added garlic but I have wicked acid reflux as of late, yay for pregnancy symptoms!

I stored the spread in an airtight container and kept it in the fridge. It will last you for a few weeks.

Let me know what combination of herbs you would enjoy!

  • Jennifer

    You know what’s really hard to find in my area? fresh dill! I love it, and I always look for it in stores and it’s the one herb that’s always missing!

  • TouristMeetsTraveler

    This looks like a delicious spread,I’d love to make it.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    Wow! I didn’t realize it was so hard to make. I’m growing some herbs in my backyard! I should try this!

  • Oh yum! It *may* be dangerous for me to know it is this easy! Herb and garlic is my favorite.

  • maya

    This is so much healthier than my other pregnancy cravings like nuttella! I can’t believe how easy it is to make. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bobbie Jones

    Thank you so much for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday last week. You are
    very much appreciated. Hope to see you again this week!!

    Have a great week!!!