8 Fun Glass pebble crafts #DIY

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts

Glass pebbles can be found at the dollar store and make for a great inexpensive supply to craft with. One craft I had made recently was my DIY Glass Pebble Bug Magnet Craft.

Here are some other craft projects I found that are pretty easy to do. Some are even great to make for gifts!

1. Glass Pebble Noteholders

How cute are these? Something fun to do even for a wedding or party as place card holders.

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


2. Glass Pebble Magnets

One of the more common things to do with glass pebbles is to make magnets. But if you really get creative they can make beautiful gifts that you can create in sets.

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


3. Nailpolish Glass Pebbles

Want to make some jewelry with your glass pebbles? Using nail polish you can create some fun pebbles that you can use to make things like necklace pendants. Or just keep in a treasure box. Little girls will love this one.

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


4. Crackle Nail Polish Stones Craft Tutorial

Here’s an interesting effect you can make with glass pebbles. They kind of look like dinosaur eggs to me. The boys might like this one :)

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


5. Glitter Glass Magnets and Pins

These are really pretty and you can make beautiful magnets and pushpins with these creations. The process might be a bit messy but the result is beautiful!

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


6. DIY Glass Magnets – Easy Teacher Gift Idea

Another glass pebble magnet craft but this one focuses on making magnets for teachers.  Teachers can never have enough magnets :)

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


7. Garden Treasure Jars

Now here is something the kids would really enjoy! If you have empty glass jars you can use them to make these wonderful treasure jars that you can keep out in the garden.

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts


8.  Alphabet Gems

I absolutely love this one. Kids love to play with non toy like items and I found that my son LOVES glass pebbles. Just to hold them is something they love. To turn them into a learning tool is genius!

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts

I hope some of these wonderful ideas have inspired you! feel free to share your own pebble craft in the comments below or let me know which on of these you would love to try!


  • Jennifer Van Huss

    My son just bought a whole jar of glass pebbles from a garage sale. I had no clue what to do with Them!! Thanks for the great ideas!!

    • whatiadore

      Ooooo great! perfect timing then lol.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I love those crafts, especially the magnet ones. Thanks for shring

    • whatiadore

      They are super fun and can really make your fridge look pretty lol.

  • Kerrie @Family Food and Travel

    Really fun ideas – I’ve never seen glass pebble crafts – so easy and they look great!

    • whatiadore

      so much fun, definitely try with the kids! .. could be their next teacher gifts :)

  • Christine

    I LOVE peddle crafts!! I made glass magnets with my kids a while back, so much fun!

    • whatiadore


  • ExtremeCouponingMom

    Those are all super cute! Will show these to my girls they love pebbles and crafting!

    • whatiadore

      they will love the ideas! I like the nailpolish one, that should like it could be really fun!