10 Doctor Who DIY/Craft Round Up #whovian #crafts

Most of my friends and family know that I love Doctor Who. I’m not a walking Wikipedia but I do love the show, the stories and the characters. So whenever I see a Doctor Who inspired craft that is easy to make I squee! Love seeing those who have taken their adoration for the show and turned into something they can share with us.

With the return of the new season of Doctor Who featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor I had the idea to come up with a wonderful round up of some great doctor who projects.

Here are some fabulous crafty finds!

1. Tardis in a bottle

How cute is this?! Your very own Tardis that you can carry around with you always.

Tardis in a bottle

2. How to make an Adipose plush toy from Doctor Who

Ready to die of cuteness? I think this episdoe was the most adorable of them all because of these little guys, a little weirded out to know where they came from but they are too cute! Learn how to make your own.

Make your own Adipose from Doctor Who

3. Doctor Who Stackable Rings

Make your own Doctor Who Themed stackable rings. Find the tutorial and templates to make your own in this link.


4. Knit a scarf like the 4th doctor

Who knew there was a whole website dedicated to Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor scarf! There were different scarves he wore through out his term as the Doctor and this site has them all along with the patterns and colours you will need to recreate your own


5. INSULATE! hat – Dalek inspired hat

A fan of the Daleks? You will love this hat, at first glance it just looks like a random patterned hat but look closer! Find the tutorial on how to make your own at this link.


6. How to turn an Ergobaby Carrier into a TARDIS

I think I would LOVE to make this one, especially with a baby on the way. Too cute and quite simple to make.


7. Make a Tardis Journal

This is something I think every Whovian should have regardless if you are going to use it or not! It’s just one of those things you have to have… and even better when you can make it yourself! Find the full tutorial at this link.


8. No Sew Tardis case for handheld devices

When something doesn’t involve sewing that’s my kind of craft! Though I have to admit I need to get a sewing machine… there are some things that I am itching to make and can’t because of not owning a sewing machine.


9. Bigger on the Inside Tardis Card Tutorial

This is a pretty cool craft and will make a great card for a fellow Tardis Fan.


10. TARDIS card box tutorial diy

This last craft is great for a Doctor Who themed wedding. It’s a card box! Though I’m sure you can find other uses for it at home but a Doctor Who wedding would be quite neat :)


Hope you enjoyed my round up. There are a ton more Doctor Who themed DIY projects out there but these were just a few of my favorites.

Which of these would you like to try and make?

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    Great round up! The only problem is I’m deathly afraid of DR WHO! lol! Growing up it use to come on after the Muppets and the opening song would scare me to death! I still carry those feelings even though I have never seen the show!

    • whatiadore

      lol jennifer!!! you should watch the new ones.. The big thing with the younger doctors is the cuteness of them.. you’ll fall in love instead of being scared hehe.

  • Renee Kaiman

    I’ve never seen Dr. Who but I’m sure any fan would appreciate this round up!

    • whatiadore

      Thanks Renee!

  • Christine

    OH MY GOODNESS! I’m totally going to have to share this! LOVE Dr. Who! I used to be SO scared of Dr. Who when I was a kid!

    • whatiadore

      LOL it used to me scared of it too! it was the music that did it for me along with the voice of the Daleks!

  • I’ve never been a huge fan of Dr. Who but these are cute. I love the scarf the colors are my style for sure. It’s so cool the stuff we can find that interests us to share with others.

    • whatiadore

      happy that that some of these projects peaked your interest Jodi!