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As They Say: “No Two Pregnancies Are Alike”

My first pregnancy was amazing,  I don't remember having any symptoms other than just being happy and having this 'glow' that everyone noticed. Flash forward to now during my second pregnancy and I have encountered so much that I really wonder how some women have endured their pregnancies that … [Read more...]

How to get rid of the yellow stains on the layette that was stored away.

My son and I had stayed with my parents in Toronto during the summer for about a week and a bit. Even though I miss them like crazy and my son had a fabulous staycation had to come to an end. A 4 hour drive and we were back home! The time spent there was awesome. I had a chance to catch up on … [Read more...]

My Fall Mantel #fall #homedecor

I didn't get a chance to create a fall mantel last year so you can guess how excited I was that Michaels had their Lowest Prices of the Season sale recently and I got a nice haul of items at amazing prices. We had just finished painting the room as well, perfect opportunity to finish the room off … [Read more...]