As They Say: “No Two Pregnancies Are Alike”

life-pics-preg-symptomsMy first pregnancy was amazing,  I don’t remember having any symptoms other than just being happy and having this ‘glow’ that everyone noticed.

Flash forward to now during my second pregnancy and I have encountered so much that I really wonder how some women have endured their pregnancies that were not so enjoyable. So when they say that no two pregnancies are alike, I believe it!

Most of my symptoms started in the first trimester… I am now in my third trimester and they are still hanging around.

Sun Rash

This had me baffled. I had no idea why the backs of my hands and arms up to my elbows were so itchy. I’d be itching at all times even at night while sleeping. It began to bleed and appeared as raised bumps. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said it wasn’t pregnancy related… funny how it only started after I got pregnant. They told me to take Benadryl as it may be an allergy. Well I didn’t take the Benadryl instead I loaded on the sun screen and covered my arms when I was out. That seems to help. I also got this stuff call ‘Prickly Heat Powder’ (imported from England) .. this provided much needed relief after showering. Now that we are entering the fall and winter months this itchiness is going away as my sun exposure is decreasing. Problem solved but not with out some discomfort. We’ll see if it sticks around after baby since my mom actually suffers from sun rash.. so genetics may actually be a factor.

Hunger at all hours

I am starving every 3 hours but can only eat a handful of food before feeling full. I am also craving vegetables… I guess it’s a good thing? Well not really, waking up at 2am with a growling stomach and making a sandwich in zombie mode to eat is challenging, after I’m done I’m wide awake. Mid second trimester I got my appetite back a bit but still hungry every few hours. I ended up pre-cutting veggies and have cubed cheese and crackers in boxes in the fridge ready to grab and munch on at any time. I even made a HUGE Tupperware container of veggie stir fry with some noodles to pick at when I wanted something more hearty.

Acid Reflux

Now this symptom I had with my first, and it was the only one. TUMS has become my best friend. I never exceed the allotted amount for pregnant women so I usually take one after lunch, one after dinner and two before bed because it’s disgusting to wake up to a mouth full of reflux.. gag!!!

A weak bladder

Pass the Depends please! … changing my underwear like 5 times a day before realizing I should just wear pads through out the day to help the problem would be a better idea. Then I get sick and with each cough attack I would have an accident. Oh and sneezing would be a challenge too. My goodness, my husband laughs at me to which I told him “you don’t have a baby river dancing on your bladder!”

Extreme Fatigue

Sleeping 14-16 hours a day seems to be the norm but because I bring my son to school I would pretty much come home and sleep after dropping him off only waking up in time to pick him up. At times like this I would choose sleep over eating, then just grab a snack and bring it with me to munch on while waiting for my son to get out of school. They said my energy would return in the second trimester but it really hasn’t.

Swollen Ankles

I’ve been pretty good with this as our town is small and everything is literally 10 minutes away. But with the summer brought company and with company came sight seeing. I experienced the swollen ankles and feet when we did a day at Niagara. That was a lesson learned to keep off the feet and take frequent breaks if walking as much as I did that day. The next couple of days were were in Toronto to visit the Aquarium, I made sure to rest every few minutes and put my feet up. It really helped.

Sore Ribs

Sore ribs right under my breast area, I thought it was my bra but apparently not. I never had this pain during my first and it would occur either on the right or left side of the rib cage and never both at the same time. Even when I am sleeping I would feel pain. They say is the expanding of the rib cage to make room for baby. Usually resting will help ease the pain.


While I am complaining about all these symptoms in this post, my pregnancy thus far has been pretty good and they were symptoms that could be helped. My only conclusion is that pregnancy get’s tougher with age lol.

My weight gain is steady and not excessive, I feel healthy, and watching my belly jiggle as she is moving in there is such fun. She is a busy one ever since my first ultrasound. She was like a jumping bean. My  son on the other hand was always so quiet and I hardly ever felt him move. I wonder if their behaviors in the womb is a reflection on what kind of child they will be. Only time will tell!

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    My three pregnancies were actually very similar. I had two boys and a girl. The main difference was the labour! :( The first took forever, the second was amazing and the third was a csec due to being frank breech.

  • paulaschuck

    Well they say this is true. Acid reflux is no fun. This is my first time on this blog and I look forward to seeing it again soon and reading more.

  • Randa

    I’m happy you are feeling healthy for the most part. It’s amazing how no two pregnancies are alike. One body but two different people.

  • Fab Frugal Mama Lisa

    The human body is pretty amazing… and, you’re right, it reacts differently each pregnancy. I was truly lucky to have had two wonderful pregnancies, but the cravings were different both times. So glad you’ve had good pregnancies, despite the little annoyances with this one. Best wishes for a speedy delivery and a healthy baby. :)

  • Jennifer

    the river dancing totally made me laugh, but I feel for ya. these don’t sound fun at all!