Lampe Berger Paris Purifies, Deodorizes and Scents the air in your home.


I think it’s safe to say we all love our houses to smell great. So we spend money on things like scented candles, wax warmers, sprays, incense sticks and who knows what else. I know because I’ve been there and done that too.

As a home owner who has an open concept home, anything I cooked immediately travels through the house. So I have some items through out the house that I can turn on to help diffuse the smell after cooking, but I noticed I need to have the windows open to completely let out the odours and let the yummy smells from my scented items take over.


I was recently sent the Pomme gift set in frosted white with the ‘Everlasting Flowers of Corsica’ fragrance to  try out and review and I must say I was impressed. This is a simple system that helps to destroy odours, emit a long lasting fragrance AND the bonus? According to the company the Lampe Berger technology even purifies the air. Who wouldn’t want that?


The technology uses an exclusive patented catalytic burner that attracts and eliminates noxious molecules at a higher temperature, while the cooler temperate part of the burner diffuses the liquid fragrance from with in the bottle. Pretty cool, and to think this was invented way back in 1898.

What I loved is that there is no electricity or tea lights involved, you just need a match stick or a lighter to turn on your lamp. The burner has a life of 140 hours of diffusion or the equivalent of 7 bottles of 500ml fragrance which is pretty awesome. It will last quite a while and save you some money down the road.


The process is simple. Light the burner, let it go for 2 mins to activate the properties then blow out. Pop on the protective cover and let it go for about 20 mins. Your house will smell divine,  the odours will disappear and your air will be cleaner. I definitely noticed a difference after the 20 mins and my son loved the smell.  After you are done with it just put the stopper back on to end the process. Careful in doing this immediately after 20 mins as the protective cover will be a bit hot to the touch.

With over 100 beautiful lamps to choose from and a wide selection of fragrances that will delight your senses, this would be a great gift for yourself or anyone.

This is a great item to use during the colder months when I can’t open the windows and the house is pretty much winterized. This gem will help with the unwanted smells and help purify the air in the home during those cold months.

I can still use my other scented products during the times that I don’t need to purify or deodorize the house which will allow me to put on difference scents as often as I want, but I won’t be putting money into tea lights, scented candles or sprays anymore.

Lampe Berger Paris products are affordable and I’m definitely going to buy one for the lower level of my house since it does such an amazing job. One on each level should be good! But with all their beautiful looking lamps I may have a hard time choosing just one!

For more information and to view all their product line please visit the Lampe Berger Paris website. To find a store that sells Lampe Berger items visit their retail locator page to find a shop near you.

Disclosure: I was sent product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I would never review something I don’t truly believe in or not find useful at all.

  • Robin Rue

    See, this is where I wish my laptop had a scratch and sniff option! I bet that smells awesome!!

    • whatiadore

      oh yes I agree! plus lots of difference fragrances to choose from so you would be sniffing for hours lol. they have a line of fruity smelling scents, sounds so good!

  • Nicci

    What a lovely item, I can see why you adore them. And it’s nice to have an alternative to candles that are commonplace.

  • Catherine Sargent

    I love the gift set it would be perfect for my mom. I can’t use it with my allergies.

    • whatiadore

      oh no, what would cause your allergies? the scent? they actually sell a non scented version that will just help to deodorize and purify the air.

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    Oh I Have To Get Some Of These ASAP They Sound Devine

  • Motivating Mommy

    What a great gift! i need about four for all my aunties!

    • whatiadore

      They will love them!

  • Gabby O’Brien

    What an adorable little product! I need one of these!

  • Lisa Bristol

    I love using scent throughout my house. I like to use different scents for different rooms.

  • Aww so cute – its also a nice gift to have.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    This is something new to me. Are their products available online for selling as well? I hope there’s a local store so I can smell the different scents.

    • whatiadore

      Yep they should be available online, I believe amazon actually sells them.

  • I used to use products like this to scent my home all the time. Now I just use a diffuser. The lamps are very decorative though. The red one is really pretty.

  • @weareofficially

    Wow, a fragrance that help purify the air? ! I think I need one to help our air purifier which is no good at all. LOL!

    • whatiadore

      lol yes! it is quite amazing.. we have a standalone air purifier too, but it probably used more electricity than it should. This product is so much more simpler.

  • Carra D

    Cool product. Haven’t seen it before. I like that it can blend into anyone’s decor easily.

    • whatiadore

      Happy to have introduced it to you to this product. Definitely it would fit nicely with any decor, the collection of lamps on their website are amazing and they categorize them by colour making it easy for you to find the right one.

  • Richelle

    Wow this is really cool and it looks pretty as well. These would make great Christmas gifts.

    • whatiadore

      They will definitely make great gifts! I’m going to buying one for my mom for sure.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is interesting indeed. I will have to check these out with me having three dogs. Thanks for sharing.

    • whatiadore

      Oh yes, it will totally help to deodorize the air.

  • Katrina Gehman

    that looks awesome. I have never seen this before. i will have to be trying it out.

    • whatiadore

      definitely worth a try :) I never heard of it before this review and I am happy I do now!

  • Paula – Buenos Aires

    The picture with the fire is awesome. Such beautiful bottles.

    • whatiadore

      have you been to their website? they have some gorgeous looking bottles, you would never think that they were more than just a decor piece :)

  • Geanine

    I have never heard of this before, I am eager to give it a try and see if the scent lasts longer than the other plug in options. In my mind I believe it will because it is burning rather than heating via electricity.

    • whatiadore

      I’m happy to have introduced it to you! Yes I believe you get a different type of last fragrance because of the process. I just loved how it got rid of cooking odours.

  • Although I did not hear of this product before, I bet it smell awesome. I would love to try it, to try something new, besides my classical candles and room fresheners.

    • whatiadore

      I never heard of this product either and am happy I do now, check out their gift sets, very affordable and the bottle of fragrance they come with should last you a while :)

  • Joanna Sormunen

    This is the first time I hear about this product! But I really love the idea! Would love to have one for myself!

  • mommamellon

    This looks interesting! I would love to try them out. :) I bet they smell AWESOME!

  • Hmmm, I have never heard of this but I sure would love to try these out! I am a huge scentsy fan. I love anything that makes my home smell amazing!! =) Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • whatiadore

      I’m a huge scentsy fan too! But love this one as an option to use a few times a week to purify and deodorize, I find my scentsy smells in the house like to pool at certain locations. Must have something to do with the air flow in my house :(

  • These are really cool! My mom use to make those out of empty and assorted wine bottles. I think you can get just the basic kit at Hobby Lobby. Surprisingly they were for looks but when the power went out during a storm one time they were very sufficient.

    • whatiadore

      they are! but it won’t stay lit, blow it out and put the decorative cap back on.. forgot to take a picture of that. the DIY kits do they purify and deodorize the air too?

      • You know, I am not entirely sure. I can’t remember that. Surely there is a way. I remember it smelling like lamp fuel :/

        • whatiadore

          lol well that’s a nostalgic memory you’ll never forget! This one for sure doesn’t smell like fuel.