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MONOPOLY Junior! Now there’s an idea! I was a bit skeptical at first because growing up playing the original Monopoly I know how long and drawn out the game can be, not to mention all the rules and alliances players would make up so that they can win the game *wink*.

But I must say Hasbro did a great job at recreating the game for children ages 5 and up. Essentially it’s a miniature and completely simplified version of the adult game we all know and love. If you stick to the official rules a game with 3 people, a full game of MONOPOLY Junior can last about 20mins.



My son who isn’t a fan of board games was really excited for this one. Can you guess why? He loved the look of the game tokens and automatically told me that he would be the car. We open it all up and see what it was about. He did the unwrapping pretty quickly and was ready to jump in and play.


He had mentioned to me when we were waiting for the box in the mail that he would like a french version. He goes to French Immersion to naturally he would ask this question. I told him I wasn’t sure if it would be bilingual but fortunately it was! The board is bilingual and the Chance cards came in both English and French. Fantastique!


We read the rules and started setting up the board. Daddy was working till late so it was just my son and I playing a 2 player game which completely works and was a lot of fun.


Starting on the iconic “GO” square I chose the boat and my son chose the car. Rules say the youngest person is to go first so he was more than happy to roll the die first.


Going by the rules you HAVE to buy or pay rent on a space. This makes the game go by so quick as the person that runs out of money first will signal the end of the game. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.


All the Monopoly money comes in 1 dollar bills and the rent and price of the properties are all under 6 dollars each. This makes the math of it all super easy for the kids.


There are no houses and mortgages to worry about. We have cardboard tokens in the likeness of our game tokens that you use to mark a property that you own. Easy Peasy.


Look how cute this car game token is. All the pieces to this game are solid and well made.


Mommy the boat!


All the properties on the board are appropriately named for kids and some are quite fun that you will wish you land on them first to buy them.

I loved how quick the game finished and my son (who will be 6 years old on the 28th) did NOT loose interest which is the main problem with him and board games. Some drag on too long, others he just doesn’t get it or have complicated rules.

But I must say we played games which lasted 10mins to a game which lasted about 45mins with only 2 players. So I can’t say “Let’s play a quick game!” because you really can’t tell how long the game will last. Either way we really enjoyed the game, my son (who doesn’t like board games) would play until the game came to an end very happily with no complaints.

Other things my son enjoyed were landing on a Chance space and counting out his money while following the simple rules. The set up and clean up were very easy with not many pieces to worry about. Everything fits perfect back into the box.

He didn’t mind loosing, he was not overwhelmed with all the pieces and workings of the game. He is old enough to read the simple instructions on the Chance cards and follow through.

If my almost 6 year old loves this game then your kids will too :)

Monopoly Junior is a keeper and great for the kids to play with by themselves or with the adults making it a fun Game Night.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I would never review something I don’t truly believe in or not find useful at all.