Happy belated New Year! A lot has been going on. Now where to begin…


Sorry for the lack of posts but I have my little bundle of joy to blame! Aleena was born December 1st, 2015, 2 weeks earlier than anticipated. She actually decided to make her entrance into the world the day after her big brother’s birthday party. I kind of had an inkling she would come early as I was out and about all that week prepping for my son’s party. I quietly told her (as if she could hear me) to wait until the party is done, then she can come. Well, I guess it worked!

It’s been tough so far, 6 years out of the baby game and it’s all new to me. The poor girl is 2 months old and still has gas and reflux issues making her miserable most of the time and causing severe sleep deprivation for me. To the point that I’m too lazy to talk properly and feel all my words slur into one long word, seeing double and hallucinating … well maybe not the last one but when you are going cross eyed from lack of sleep things tend to look a little funky.

So with that I will keep this post short and get back to my little Pinkie Pie (my nickname for her since she goes pink, almost red sometimes from straining to pass gas). I have posts planned and hope to get to them soon.

I keep telling myself things will get better and I sure hope they do!