DIY Cord Bookmark with ribbon and beads


“Use a piece of paper” my dad would say when I was young and needed to mark a page. It wasn’t until those scholastic book fairs that I saw all the wonderful bookmarks that I could buy to replace that piece of paper. An even more nice piece of paper to replace the scrap piece that I was using lol. But who said bookmarks have to be made of paper?

Here an easy cord bookmark I recently make from a some beads I had laying around from a broken chunky necklace that I had. And because I make jewellery items for my handmade business I already had the tools to make the project come alive. If you plan on making these as gifts you can totally get the supplies on the less expensive side instead of going for brand name items.

All you’ll need are:
– ribbon: cut to twice the length + 4 inches to the spine of your book
– an head pin. I used a 2.75″ silver plated one
– some beads
– round nose plier
– chain nose plier
– wire cutters



Thread the beads onto the head pin in the order that you like it.


Take your round nose pliers and position it at the base of the exposed head pin, then using you other hand bend the head pin to the right.


Turn the nose pliers upward keeping the part below the curve in place, then curl the head pin over the top part creating a partial loop as shown below.


Finish the loop by wrapping the head pin all the way around the nose plier shape.


Next use the chain nose pliers to take the tail end of the head pin and wrap it around the base of the loop. Use wire cutters to snip off any excess wire.


Thread your ribbon through the loop you just created until you have an even length on both sides.


Make a simple knot very close to the wire loop.


All done! Bookmark away! The other end of the ribbon should dangle out the bottom of the book.


Easy project! and would make a great gift using different ribbon and beads.

Way better than a scrap piece of paper don’t you think? Would you make this for a gift?


Get the tools and materials to make this project!

  • What a pretty idea! I’m always searching for a bookmark and usually just grab a scrap of paper. This would be so much nicer! :) Thanks for sharing.

    • whatiadore

      Thank you! Oh yes it’s definitely nicer than a piece of paper lol. It’s much nicer to look at too!

  • Amanda

    Love this! So easy and cute! Now to find some beads…

    • whatiadore

      Definitely easy! i’m sure this could be a dollar store craft! If you can find the beads you like, check out the jewellery section and pick a beaded necklace or bracelet that has the kind you like. then pick it apart and use them for this project :D

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    What an adorable bookmark and such a simple craft. I think my daughher and I could have fun making these together.

    • whatiadore

      Thank you! Oh I’m sure she would love it! You can personalize it with alphabet letter beads. how neat would that be?

  • SpaceshipsLaserBeams

    This is really beautiful. I love how simple it is to create and that you could cusotmize it with any color of beads and ribbon.

    • whatiadore

      Thank you! yes for sure! So much can be done with this technique. Even adding things like feathers would be super cute!

  • Randa

    What a cute craft, this looks like something I could do with my son. He would love it.

    • whatiadore

      Thanks Randa! he would love it for sure! definitely put a boyish spin on one :)