So what about me? Hmm, well first off I’m Canadian, born and raised here in this lovely country. I’m married and live in the southern most part of Ontario with my husband and beautiful little boy and girl.

I have a degree in Print Management and a diploma in Digital Media Design. My life has taken me in a different direction than I planned and am lucky to be able to work from home as well as be the stay-at-home mom that I ended up being.

I’ve been crafty ever since I can remember. I still have fond memories of coming home from 1/2 a day of Junior Kindergarden and watching Mr. Dress Up (my creative idol) at home. No doubt all his crafts inspired me to be the crafty person I am today. I’m sure my mom can be a witness to that since I would run to her for supplies after watching Mr. Dress Up make something.

I have a web design business at Pixelarcher Creative where I work exclusively on WordPress websites using the Genesis Framework which is what this website was built on. I also design party printables and invitations over at A Little Pixel.  And what would life be with out a crafty business? Check out my gift shop at A Little Cloud Studio.

I lived in Toronto’s GTA most of my life, but moved to this small quiet town after I got married. I lost myself having to start with nothing in a town where I didn’t know anyone. Life was tough, boring and lonely, then my son came into my life. For his sake and my own I needed to focus my time and energy into what I adored doing and that was creating. It took a while for me to get back into my hobbies but finally got the courage and time when my son started school.

Happily finding my creative groove back I thought would document my domestic journey, thoughts and creativity right here on this blog.

All opinions expressed are 100% my own. If I am truly passionate about something I will blog about it :)

That lovely character illustration at the top was created by Vince Chui of Kid Chuckle a talented freelance illustrator, concept artist and story-board artist.