Mother’s Day Handmade Gift Guide

I love all things handmade and that would be natural for me being a maker myself. I'm part of a wonderful handmade community full of very creative people with some awesome skills and great shops full of beautiful things. Why not get mom something handmade this year? Below is a list of some great … [Read more...]

DIY Cord Bookmark with ribbon and beads

"Use a piece of paper" my dad would say when I was young and needed to mark a page. It wasn't until those scholastic book fairs that I saw all the wonderful bookmarks that I could buy to replace that piece of paper. An even more nice piece of paper to replace the scrap piece that I was using lol. … [Read more...]

10 Doctor Who DIY/Craft Round Up #whovian #crafts

Most of my friends and family know that I love Doctor Who. I'm not a walking Wikipedia but I do love the show, the stories and the characters. So whenever I see a Doctor Who inspired craft that is easy to make I squee! Love seeing those who have taken their adoration for the show and turned into … [Read more...]

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts #DIY

Glass pebbles can be found at the dollar store and make for a great inexpensive supply to craft with. One craft I had made recently was my DIY Glass Pebble Bug Magnet Craft. Here are some other craft projects I found that are pretty easy to do. Some are even great to make for gifts! 1. Glass … [Read more...]

How to upcycle a T-shirt into a bag

Okay so I saw a picture on Facebook with no link source but a series of images on how to upcycle a t-shirt into a bag. Best of all NO sewing involved! I love when these types of project are so easy! Just to test out the technique I used an old t-shirt. I cut off the sleeves and then … [Read more...]

A Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Can you tell I like pink? That was a different story growing up. I never associated myself with girly colours but now I love it! But funny enough the colours in this project were chosen by my 5 year old son! I kept asking "Are you sure? when it's done, it's done!" ... Yup he was fine with it! So … [Read more...]