DIY Cord Bookmark with ribbon and beads

"Use a piece of paper" my dad would say when I was young and needed to mark a page. It wasn't until those scholastic book fairs that I saw all the wonderful bookmarks that I could buy to replace that piece of paper. An even more nice piece of paper to replace the scrap piece that I was using lol. … [Read more...]

8 Fun Glass pebble crafts #DIY

Glass pebbles can be found at the dollar store and make for a great inexpensive supply to craft with. One craft I had made recently was my DIY Glass Pebble Bug Magnet Craft. Here are some other craft projects I found that are pretty easy to do. Some are even great to make for gifts! 1. Glass … [Read more...]

A Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Can you tell I like pink? That was a different story growing up. I never associated myself with girly colours but now I love it! But funny enough the colours in this project were chosen by my 5 year old son! I kept asking "Are you sure? when it's done, it's done!" ... Yup he was fine with it! So … [Read more...]

DIY Glass Pebble Bug Magnet Craft

This was a super last minute craft that I did with my son for his teacher and favorite teacher assistant as last day of school gifts. We actually saw the same thing at a craft shop and my son was looking at them. 'Mom? you can make this!' and that was that.. he had decided that would be the gift for … [Read more...]

Gift For Dad. A Wood Burned Plaque.

This year has been an amazing year for me having gotten back into crafting and doing things that I love most.. the creative juices have been flowing! My business at A Little Cloud Studio has been doing so well (part of the reason I haven't been around much) and my son as always keeping me busy and … [Read more...]

#DIY Pokéballs from Styrofoam balls #pokemon #crafty #cosplay

My son is really into watching YouTube videos. He loves watching unwrapping and reveal videos for things like kinder eggs, as well as toy reviews. Lately he's really been into the DIY videos... I guess I'm an influence? lol Well during the Christmas break he came across a video of a guy … [Read more...]