DIY Blog Planner for 2014

When I made my Blog Planner for 2013 I was new to this whole industry of blogging. I really didn't know what to expect and what types of opportunities I would encounter. As the year went on I realized I needed a little bit of a different set up for my next planner and when I came across My Joy … [Read more...]

Summer Pennant Free Printable

If you remember my Summer Mantel post, I had made a pennant that read 'summer' that I had included in my styling. I also made matching flags which I pasted onto the ends of chopsticks and cut the end to give a pronged look. I thought I'd make it into a free printable which you can use anywhere … [Read more...]

Liven up your Ramadan and Eid with printables

For years the month of Ramadan and Eid celebrations I had were pretty much colourless. I will admit I didn't really look forward to it each year because unlike our friends/neighbors who celebrate Christmas in such a colourful and fun way, our celebrations were just, well... blah. Or at least the way … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu and Grocery List Free Printable

Another freebie up for grabs. This one was also seen in my home command center redo. I have the black and white version but I also made a colourful version for you to download if you would like to add some colour to your kitchen corner. This printable fits in an 8x10" frame, use an erasable … [Read more...]

Kitchen Quote Free Printable

I recently redid my home command center and made a kitchen quote printable to hang in one of the frames. I find it nice to have some kind of word art on the wall in my kitchen, it just makes me feel good. I've made this printable for you to enjoy too, print and trim down to fit in an 8x10 … [Read more...]

Free ‘Hello Spring!’ 8×10 Poster Printables

Some of you know that I have a Party Printables biz over at A Little Pixel. I have some printables that I'll feature on both there and here just so that if you miss it there, you can access it here too :) … [Read more...]