Baby Blues. I won’t lie, It was a rough 2 weeks.

I wrote about my second pregnancy being WAY different than my first, so was the aftermath. My first pregnancy's postpartum I would say was mainly depression based, I felt alone. I cried a lot. It stuck with me for about 3 years adding to it feelings of resentment towards my husband and the town I … [Read more...]

I gave up breastfeeding and it made me a better mom.

This post had been in draft mode pending for weeks! Excuse the lateness of it as you will read below I was going through a lot during the first 2 months of my baby's life. She will be 3 months next week :) Don't get me wrong. I'm SO pro breastfeeding, but as I found out with my second child, I … [Read more...]

Happy belated New Year! A lot has been going on. Now where to begin…

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have my little bundle of joy to blame! Aleena was born December 1st, 2015, 2 weeks earlier than anticipated. She actually decided to make her entrance into the world the day after her big brother's birthday party. I kind of had an inkling she would come early as I … [Read more...]

As They Say: “No Two Pregnancies Are Alike”

My first pregnancy was amazing,  I don't remember having any symptoms other than just being happy and having this 'glow' that everyone noticed. Flash forward to now during my second pregnancy and I have encountered so much that I really wonder how some women have endured their pregnancies that … [Read more...]

How to get rid of the yellow stains on the layette that was stored away.

My son and I had stayed with my parents in Toronto during the summer for about a week and a bit. Even though I miss them like crazy and my son had a fabulous staycation had to come to an end. A 4 hour drive and we were back home! The time spent there was awesome. I had a chance to catch up on … [Read more...]

My son is/was over-sensitive to sounds and visuals #ASD #spectrum

I always feel like it's my duty to share with others what I had gone through with my son much to the disagreement of some people due to being ashamed or not wanting others to know. But I want to share my experiences and my solutions as well as his milestones and progression. Hopefully these posts … [Read more...]