Baby Blues. I won’t lie, It was a rough 2 weeks.

I wrote about my second pregnancy being WAY different than my first, so was the aftermath. My first pregnancy's postpartum I would say was mainly depression based, I felt alone. I cried a lot. It stuck with me for about 3 years adding to it feelings of resentment towards my husband and the town I … [Read more...]

I gave up breastfeeding and it made me a better mom.

This post had been in draft mode pending for weeks! Excuse the lateness of it as you will read below I was going through a lot during the first 2 months of my baby's life. She will be 3 months next week :) Don't get me wrong. I'm SO pro breastfeeding, but as I found out with my second child, I … [Read more...]

How to be silly with the kids

Being silly with the kids MUST be therapy. My son and I are total goofballs when we are together, we have our normal and serious moments but for the most part I think we are nut balls and my husband can agree with that. We'll laugh so hard that we end up with hiccups. I think it's amazing to … [Read more...]

Are We Breeding Bulliles?

A little something I've been wanting to write about for a while but didn't know how to approach it or even begin to write about it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :) ------------------------------------------------------ We are a thriving society, one bent on the advancement … [Read more...]

Just how much do you think your children know?

The other day I was talking to my 4yr old son about someone having their feelings hurt. He asked me what that meant. I proceeded to explain to him how when two people are talking, someone may say something that isn't nice about the other person and they will feel sad. That person hurt their … [Read more...]