Marbled Candied Cake Mix Cookies. Super Easy Recipe!

I really love recipes that allow you to use already made items in order to simplify and speed up the preparation process. This especially for me since the new baby is so demanding I feel I have no time for anything. My son was more than happy to help out with this quick and yummy recipe. We had a … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cake In A Mug

I've been pretty good with my pregnancy up until lately. I hit 32 weeks this week and am now craving all the stuff that will definitely make me pack on the pounds. BUT  you cannot take my sweets from me! The issue is there was no chocolate in the house at all and I was super craving. Then I … [Read more...]

Make your own Herbed Cream Cheese Spread, So Easy!

Being pregnant I have to admit I do have some cravings. While some may be craving the sweets and everything known to man that may be unhealthy for you... surprisingly I have been craving veggies and the healthy stuff and funny enough hot sauce... weird because I normally cannot tolerate spicy food. … [Read more...]

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt Covered Watermelon Bites

With my pregnancy I've been eating pretty healthy.. quite oddly I've been craving veggies! A far cry from ice cream, chocolate and pickled things when I was pregnant with my son. I guess it's good right? I mean I really need to watch how much pounds I am packing on so with the healthy it will all … [Read more...]

Watermelon Ginger ale Mint Drink with Bernardin #summerdrinks

Summer is definitely here! In my part of Southern Ontario it is hot and humid, something that took a little getting used to after moving here from the Toronto Area. So how does one cool down? With a refreshing drink of course! The trend these days seems to be watermelon based drinks, smoothies … [Read more...]

Food Tip: Homemade Pizza made Gourmet – Spice it Up!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Life happens right? Well, after a long break I really hope I can get back into it. I thought I'd start off with a post about something I love to make..... and that is PIZZA!! I love making pizza for my family and if I can used leftover chicken or steak I … [Read more...]