MONOPOLY Junior #Hasbro #GameNight Voxbox #Review

MONOPOLY Junior! Now there's an idea! I was a bit skeptical at first because growing up playing the original Monopoly I know how long and drawn out the game can be, not to mention all the rules and alliances players would make up so that they can win the game *wink*. But I must say Hasbro did a … [Read more...]

Summer Staycation Tips and Ideas – Round Up

School is almost out and with the idea of going on vacation being so expensive most families are opting for the idea of a "staycation".  While a great idea, it will also save you money and your family time will have never been spent wiser. I myself was looking into what we can do this summer, the … [Read more...]

#DarkTO messed up our holiday, but we experienced unexpected fun!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all the best for 2014 :) So I've been away and will good reason. Like everyone else I'm sure we all had a nice break and holiday from the normal routine in our lives. Every year we look forward to visiting my family in Pickering for the holidays. Usually … [Read more...]

Our Blue Mountain Mini Vacation

Since having our son we haven't really gone on vacation much due to his sensitivity to noise. Now that he is 3 and a half and more tolerable of the sounds around him, we were able to go on a mini vacation. We decided to go to Collingwood, Ontario at the Blue Mountain Resort. It was perfect … [Read more...]